I just don’t get…


Filed Under General on Jun 7 

How a guy who repeatedly distances himself from any overtly religious references throughout a 2 year campaign (although “Messianic” is still in play), especially Christian or Muslim, can now come out and declare a vast affinity with Islam and himself a “brother” to the entire middle eastern world?

How a guy who never fails to mention that he inherited a big debt goes out and justifies quadrupling that said debt by his own ’emergency’ actions within record time?

How a guy who doesn’t want to come across as weak and pansy-like in national defense can then consider the idea of freeing hardened terrorists into the US on tax-payer dime?

How a guy can assure the Israelis that he’s got their back when he then sanctions Iran’s nuclear ambitions as peaceful and positive?

How a guy who can declare that nuclear power is risky, unsafe, and not a future option for the US as a primary source for energy can turn around and encourage other countries to build all they want (especially the ones with the oil we will still need when it’s all said and done)?

How a guy like him can still have 60% positive approval rating?

Feel free to add to the list…