Death and Taxes


Filed Under General on Jun 5 

As the old saying goes, ‘the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes.’ Right now with all of the Obama spending mania I feel like taxes will be the death of us.

During the campaign Candidate Obama said no to taxing your heath care benefits, and he made it a point to mock John McCain for even suggesting such a thing. Now Sen. Max Bacus of Montana says that this is an option being considered for financing Obama’s plan to save us all–oh, wait– health care reform plan. Bacus claims they only want to ‘modify’ the tax break not eliminate it. Obama’s people say that they oppose this, but that nothing is off the table.

CRACK!! That’s the sound of a campaign promise breaking.

To say I am upset about this is an understatement. All this talk of reform and paying for the reform with money we don’t have is making me sick. It’s a good thing Obama will be there to pay for the doctor. I’m sure when my family is starving because all of our money went to pay for taxes, he’ll find a way to take care of that too.