Congratulations, my fellow Americans, we now own a majority stake in a failing, non-competitive, higher-cost base, poorer quality product producing company. All hail sustained mediocrity! For only $50 billion of your dollars, you get cars you do not demand similar to this rather than quality automobiles that fit your lifestyle such as this and this. If the majority of Americans actually wanted to buy mini deathtrap super fuel efficient cars, there would be no need for CAFE standards because the market would dictate the need for those types of cars to be produced by voting with their dollars!

Senior administration officials, who declined to speak for attribution, said the U.S. government will be a “passive” investor but will oversee operations at the new GM because “the taxpayer will want us to.”

Oh what eloquent doublespeak from The Party! “We’re not going to be involved, except that we are. We hope you only read the part of the sentence that makes your ears tickle because we think you’ll all a bunch of morons.” When were you asked whether you wanted the federal government, to “oversee operations at the new GM”? I wasn’t asked whether Rick Wagoner should be fired.

Not one of President Obama’s senior economic advisers could or would venture a guess as to when taxpayers would see a return on the massive, White House-engineered investment.

“We’re not here to predict,” a senior official said when asked about any timeline for taxpayer payback.

Because the administration never makes predictions, does it? Or maybe they’ve realized we’ll know their “prediction” only means they are only making numbers up to suit their cause because there is no plan to payback this American taxpayer. Take this “prediction” on the deficit:

Image via Gateway Pundit, who points out “Barack Obama will quadruple the deficit this year”.

What about another prediction, the supposed effect on unemployment if we didn’t pass the “emergency stimulus”

Oh wait, that wasn’t true either. Unemployment is trending right on the projected line as if there was no “recovery plan”.

Let’s face it, the words of this administration cannot be trusted, which is what has led the Russian online newspaper Pravda to openly mock us:

It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.

Good luck GovMo.

Ford will destroy you, if you don’t regulate it out of private existence.