Think twice before taking sides on legalizing gay marriage. According to the Washington Post, the Mormons Are Coming.

One of the foundations of any religion, whether it be Mormon, Catholic or Jewish is to uphold the value of family by respecting and loving one another, (not righting society’s perceived wrongs) If the premise of love is marriage, and the premise of marriage is procreation, then every couple should have the right to legalized marriage.

While it’s true that homosexuals cannot create life together, they can certainly provide a stable and loving home environment to a baby or child in need.

Having shared benefits would stabilize and strengthen families with same sex parents at the head of the household. Has anyone ever met a gay person who wasn’t unusually sensitive to others’ feelings? That in and of itself is the foundation of a strong marriage as well as the basis of healthy, nurturing parenting. I’d rather see a child raised by a stable homosexual couple than an abusive or neglectful heterosexual couple. If legalizing same sex marriage allows a gay couple to partake of the same legal benefits as a heterosexual couple, then why is that so wrong?

As it stands, most gay couples are not entitled to the same befits shared within legal marriages, so I don’t blame them for taking action. For me, marriage is between a man and a woman. However, I believe even more strongly that any couple in a committed relationship deserves the respect of our society’s legal system if they want to tie the knot. We don’t deny gay people the right to a fair trial, so why would we denying them the legal benefits in their pursuit of their unique and often celebrated American dream?