This is an interesting read on how the media has spun Sotomayor’s selection for the SCOTUS. I’m sure the MSM doesn’t mean to be biased, and has totally forgotten to apologize for the oversight.

It makes me think back to when I read Bias a few years ago. Bernie Goldberg, the former CBS reporter who revealed all, talked about how producers would go out of their way to point out if someone was a conservative, but neglect that if the person had more left-ward leanings. Given the examples that Newsbusters pointed out, I think he was right.

Now we hear that opposition in the Senate to Sotomayor will be seen as racist, and that the GOP has to handle the situation “delicately”. Of course the media, the think tanks and the talking heads are going to play the race card. Never mind that some people, myself included, have serious doubts about Ms. Sotomayor’s ability to be fair to everyone, impartial in every case and blind to her own experiences and prejudices, as the statue of Justice might imply, and the oath of office requires a judge should be.

We shall see what this confirmation will bring as the summer progresses, but I’m sure the media will have it sunshine and lollypops all the way, and if you don’t like sunshine and lollypops, there must be something wrong with you, and I’m sure the MSM will be all too happy to point that out as well.