This article by Michael Kinsley in the Washington post makes some great points on normal tolerance levels for homosexuality in America. Kinsley even praises Trump for making the right decision on “allowing” Miss California to keep her crown. Too bad Kinsley, along with the majority of the general public, still haven’t asked the big question: Why are men still calling all the shots?

Obviously women have not come very far. Prejean feels empowered by having a photographer who just happens to be male, shoot seductive pictures of her. That type of empowerment is allowed. The minute she felt empowered enough to give her opinion on gay marriage, the firing squad let loose. Naturally it was a man, excuse me, a gay man who fired the first shot.

Worst of all, Prejean’s fate as Miss California rested in the hands of… you guessed it, another man!

Don’t get me wrong. I think The Donald is pretty good guy, but the idea of a man deciding Miss California’s future does seems a bit archaic.

Men are great, I’m married to one. However, they do have their place and I don’t think it should be in deciding something as important as a woman’s future in her chosen career.

We live in a country that makes a scandal out of someone’s opinion and then attempts to attack that person in any way possible. In Prejean’s case, someone was able to dredge up some photos from her past.

The photos of Prejean are her business. The fact that she is eternally grateful to Mr. Trump that he has graciously ““allowed”” her to remain Miss California should be a wake a call for every woman in America.

I respect the fact the Mr. Trump owns the Miss America Pageant, but his ownership needs borders.

It would seem to me that women have only come a long way in terms of deciding when, where and whomever we want to exploit ourselves in front of for a little attention. That is not what I’d consider a milestone, especially when it’s highly likely that a man will decide our consequences.