Conundrum of the day: Bristol Palin on the cover of People magazine wearing her cap and gown with the added accessory of parenthood in her arms.

This piece at FoxNews features some of Bristol’s comments in People Magazine about teen pregnancy.

She talked about her “sometimes isolated life”. How do isolation and a cover photo for People Magazine go together? What makes Bristol the right person to advocate against teen pregnancy when she’s being rewarded for it? I am rapidly losing respect for Sarah Palin since she is obviously condoning this charade.

In many ways I think Sarah is exploiting her daughter to bolster her own political agenda. Bristol is making teen pregnancy look like an accomplishment that goes hand in hand with high school graduation. What does having a baby have to do with earning a diploma? Can we please stop celebrating Bristol’s “success”? It’s sending mixed messages to America’s teens who are confused enough as it is.