Hairy hijinks in D.C.


Filed Under Humor on May 19 

Are there any logical reasons behind celebrating, or should I say, “highlighting” the fact that Washington’s so called “power elite” are getting their hair done at Violet Salon in Georgetown for $150 dollars? That price includes only a basic cut and blow-dry for women. I wonder what a manicure costs?

We’re in a recession, in part because of the “power elitist’s mentality when it comes to how they spend their salaries. How many people are dumb enough to pay that much for a cut and blow-dry? Approximately 130,000,000 tax payers, including you and me. Salon stylist Jimmy Cehrell said he’d love to do Michelle Obama’s hair, but he doesn’t know how to style African American hair. I’ll bet he cut his potential client list in half with that little snippet.