There are quite a few reports to choose from on Obama’s announcement of Utah Governor Jon Huntsman as US Ambassador to China. But this WaPo piece seems the best read.

For Obama it’s a no brainer. Huntsman is already widely respected in Asia by the people that matter, he speaks the language fluently which makes him an oddity among ambassadors, and he’s a low-risk moderate R. Obama looks like he’s really “reached across the aisle” for the pick, even though Huntsman is hardly a conservative.

For Huntsman it’s a far more interesting and complex choice. In the press conference he said that when the president asks for service, “that to me is the end of the conversation.” That’s a quaint idea, but really? If he’d asked you to run the Peace Corps would you have given up your governor’s mansion? How about ambassador to Gambia? Yeah, probably not.

More importantly, Huntsman has effectively now ruled out a run in 2012, which must put a bigiant smile on the face of Mitt Romney and Huckapukeabee.

So…What about 2016?