Excuse me, who is Mark Sanford, please?
He must be somebody ’cause his name appears
Bold in a place of relative honor upon your
Web site. Will we know him as election nears?

I never heard of him, well least not WHO he is
Or what he has done or what he believes or
If he is a fighter or of his battles won? O.K.,
So, he’s tan as Bobby Jindal; is there more?

Before, you had dear Sarah, cute and sweet,
Who, like any dingbat, enjoyed a shopping spree.
She made us look stupid while she played
Dress-up on our 150K. She sure ain’t for me!

May I suggest you place “Help Wanted” in
The place of Sanford and all the pretenders?
List qualifications to even get in the stable;
Without good ones, just return to senders.

Ask, “Where have you led, where have you
Bled, where and what difference you made?”
What is your vision and what is your core?
Why should you alone lead our parade?

Hey, pretty faces and empty suits we have
Plenty; “Horses asses”, not thoroughbreds!
Who can get our stable organized & moving,
Speaking common sense, not over our heads?

Whodat also warns dem pretenders about the
Old “I’m a conservative” lie. We be on attack!
Bush said he was “conservative”! BS! He
Spent money like a Democrat on crack…