Think twice before taking sides on legalizing gay marriage. According to the Washington Post, the Mormons Are Coming.

One of the foundations of any religion, whether it be Mormon, Catholic or Jewish is to uphold the value of family by respecting and loving one another, (not righting society’s perceived wrongs) If the premise of love is marriage, and the premise of marriage is procreation, then every couple should have the right to legalized marriage.

While it’s true that homosexuals cannot create life together, they can certainly provide a stable and loving home environment to a baby or child in need.

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Newly released FBI tapes suggest that Burris only days from being sworn in spoke with the Governors brother about how to seal the deal.

Burris said he would “personally do something” to help the governor’s campaign.

“I know I could give him a check,” Burris was quoted as saying in a Nov. 13 phone conversation with Rob Blagojevich, the governor’s brother.

“Anything I give would be out of my personal funds,” Burris said, while stating his wish to fill President Obama’s vacated U.S. Senate seat.

Burris even went to far as to say he could contribute under a different name, which is a clear violation. But now, Burris maintains his innocence.

Since Burris lied under oath I can easily see his removal from the Senate.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is the most high-profile holdover from the Bush Administration, and it appears as if he’s found a new level of comfort in the Obama Administration:

Gates is taking on the pet projects that for some reason don’t get described as pork by some on the right, mostly because the project may have some remote connection to national defense. Pork is pork, whether its Porky Pig, Babe, Miss Piggy or some ten-years-over-deadline and millions-of-dollars-over-budget defense project, and Gates certainly sees things that way:

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This is an interesting read on how the media has spun Sotomayor’s selection for the SCOTUS. I’m sure the MSM doesn’t mean to be biased, and has totally forgotten to apologize for the oversight.

It makes me think back to when I read Bias a few years ago. Bernie Goldberg, the former CBS reporter who revealed all, talked about how producers would go out of their way to point out if someone was a conservative, but neglect that if the person had more left-ward leanings. Given the examples that Newsbusters pointed out, I think he was right.

Now we hear that opposition in the Senate to Sotomayor will be seen as racist, and that the GOP has to handle the situation “delicately”. Of course the media, the think tanks and the talking heads are going to play the race card. Never mind that some people, myself included, have serious doubts about Ms. Sotomayor’s ability to be fair to everyone, impartial in every case and blind to her own experiences and prejudices, as the statue of Justice might imply, and the oath of office requires a judge should be.

We shall see what this confirmation will bring as the summer progresses, but I’m sure the media will have it sunshine and lollypops all the way, and if you don’t like sunshine and lollypops, there must be something wrong with you, and I’m sure the MSM will be all too happy to point that out as well.

Barack Obama has brought us change we can believe in. He brought a special message to his supporters in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Stop the train. I want to get off.

Not even sure what to make of this. I hate to make light of Mancow’s fears and apparent post-traumatic stress, but really?

My favorite line from Olbermann: “Nobody should go through this, it’s as simple as that.”

After the wind blows down the teleprompter at the Air Force Academy graduation, Vice President Biden said:

Photo of the Day makes a one-time return engagement. These photos are too good not to comment on.


In an article by AP writers Ben Feller and David Espo, Sotomayor had this to say about her pride in her ethnic background:

“I simply do not know exactly what the difference will be in my judging…But I accept there will be some based on my gender and my Latina heritage.”

Most Americans can read between the lines on that one. But just in case, composed below is a rephrased quote. It comes complete with subliminal messaging for those of you who still aren’t sure what Sotomayor really meant.

“I simply do not know what the difference will be in my judging (other than my bias toward Hispanics/Latinos)…But I accept (expect) there will be some (if not all) based on my gender (let’s don’t go there) and my Latina Heritage (I mean, hubris)”.

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This is a good piece from the WSJ. But honestly, can anyone make a convincing argument that she won’t be the next justice on the SCOTUS? This looks like as close to a lock as you can get.

No country for white men?


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I guess I should start this post out with an admission in the interest of full disclosure: Despite my nome de blog, I am in fact what Barack Obama would describe as a “typical white guy”. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I do not tan. I burn. Were I a banker, I’d live in constant fear of Brazil’s Lula da Silva sending his goon squad after me to bring me to “justice” for my role in cratering the world’s economy.

During my youth, I spent a lot of time watching John Wayne movie marathons on Saturday afternoons with my father. He is of the generation raised on the Duke. I’ve seen John Wayne’s version of The Alamo so many times its screenplay is almost second nature to me. It was through this film that John Wayne taught me some principles upon which this nation was founded. As he was the principal money backer for the film, what he wanted in the script was put there. Here’s a bit of the Duke’s civics lesson:
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However, actual marriage was not entirely upheld. Check out the decision or a the AP summary:

The California Supreme Court upheld a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage Tuesday, but it also decided that the estimated 18,000 gay couples who tied the knot before the law took effect will stay wed. The 6-1 decision written by Chief Justice Ron George rejected an argument by gay rights activists that the ban revised the California constitution’s equal protection clause to such a dramatic degree that it first needed the Legislature’s approval.

The court said the people have a right, through the ballot box, to change their constitution.

“In a sense, petitioners’ and the attorney general’s complaint is that it is just too easy to amend the California constitution through the initiative process. But it is not a proper function of this court to curtail that process; we are constitutionally bound to uphold it,” the ruling said.

How ugly is this fight going to be in the future?

Any initial reaction to Obama’s choice of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court?

Nevada governor turns down Obama airport meeting
Posted: 05:02 AM ET

From CNN Political Producer Rebecca Sinderbrand

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Nevada’s Republican governor has turned down an invitation from the White House to briefly greet President Obama when he visits the state tomorrow for a Democratic fundraising event, citing comments the president made earlier this year calling on companies that received taxpayer-funded bailouts to avoid wasting money on luxuries like company planes and Vegas vacations.

“While I appreciate the offer, I am not interested in a handshake and a hello from President Obama, I am interested in an apology and plan to undo the damage the President did,” Gov. Jim Gibbons said in a Monday statement.

He again called on Obama to publicly promote Nevada tourism, and to apologize for his remark that business leaders receiving money from the government “can’t get corporate jets. You can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer’s dime,” blaming the president for the recent cancellation of hundreds of conventions and other meetings originally scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, and the loss of more than $100 million in revenue.

Perhaps he skipped the day at school when kids were taught the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day (oh wait; this stuff isn’t taught anymore). Or he wants to outdo his VP in foot-in-mouth blunders. Saturday, during his weekly radio address, President Obama urged people to honor veterans by sending a letter or care package to troops overseas and volunteering at health clinics or taking supplies to a homeless veterans center. He said it could also mean something as simple as saying “thank you” to a veteran walking by on the street.

That’s nice and all; but I think you’ve got your holidays confused. This is Memorial Day, not Veteran’s Day. Did you not get the memo?

Would someone please tell Barack Obama the difference between the two?

He also had this to say:

We have a responsibility to serve all of them as well as they serve all of us. And yet, all too often in recent years and decades, we, as a nation, have failed to live up to that responsibility. We have failed to give them the support they need or pay them the respect they deserve.

Hey, weren’t you the one that was considering a plan to make veterans pay for their medical treatment? At any rate, I find it disheartening that he would lump us all in the category of ‘not paying respect to veterans’ to cover up his own shortcomings in that department. Newsflash Obama-wan: There are many of us who hold the utmost respect for those who have worn the uniform, served, and given his life for the cause of freedom. Many of us already celebrate Memorial Day (not Veteran’s Day) by honoring the brave men and women who have died to protect our freedoms and liberties. And there are many of us who would rather spend federal money on our military than converter boxes for digital television.

This article by Michael Kinsley in the Washington post makes some great points on normal tolerance levels for homosexuality in America. Kinsley even praises Trump for making the right decision on “allowing” Miss California to keep her crown. Too bad Kinsley, along with the majority of the general public, still haven’t asked the big question: Why are men still calling all the shots?

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This story has been percolating for a few days. On the one hand the decision seems to fly in the face of all we stand for. Free speech, the right to disagree, etc. But on the other hand, Liberty is a private university and can largely set its own rules. (For example, I attended BYU where you are required to sign and abide by an “honor code” that prohibits alcohol and premarital sex, among other things.)

Where do you stand on Liberty’s decision?

Liberty University bans College Dems
Posted: 09:16 AM ET

(CNN) – Liberty University, the evangelical school in Virginia founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, is drawing heat Friday for its decision to revoke recognition of the College Democrats’ chapter on campus.

According to the Lynchburg News & Advance, the school decided a week ago the organization “stood against the moral principles” held by the school and therefore could no longer be sanctioned.

Maria Childress, the staff adviser to the club, told the paper the school — which opposes abortion rights and gay marriage — had issues with the Democratic Party platform.

Childress says she was told by Mark Hine, the vice president of student affairs, that “‘You can’t be a Democrat and be a Christian and be a university representative.'”

In a conference call with reporters Friday, Terry McAuliffe — the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee who is running for governor of Virginia — sharply criticized the move.

The university did not return CNN’s request for comment.

Presidential Childcare


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The latest out of Camelot DC:
Well, it looks like the Oba-wan has committed an unpardonable sin: He has hundreds of 5 & 6 year olds crying over being snubbed for a White House visit. They literally pulled the buses up to the White House gate 10 minutes after their scheduled arrival time, and were told to pack it up and go home.

BTW – They were booted in favor of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team luncheon.

My favorite quote: “He’s not letting in 150 kids into the White House because he’s busy throwing a luncheon for a bunch of grown millionaires.” Ouch…

You can watch the video here. Look for ‘Kids snubbed by Steelers’ – unless one of our esteemed editors wants to embed it:

Kids: Word to the wise – If you think it’s sad now, wait till you’re 18 and come to find out how much debt you’ll be paying for the rest of your lives because of our illustrious leader. That will really leave you sobbing in your boots.

I wonder which staffer will get tossed under the bus for this one?

(It’s starting to look like the opening credits to Monty Python’s Holy Grail: “We apologise again for the [error]. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.”)

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New ad from the RNC on Guantanamo.