Tonight, for the third time in the 100 days of Team Obama, The One will pre-empt prime time broadcast time to talk to the American people about his favorite subject – The One.

ABC, NBC, and CBS have dutifully thrown out their scheduled broadcast material for the 8:00 Eastern timeslot. So, for those of you needing your fix of Scrubs, Better off Ted, Rules of Engagement, New Adventures of Old Christine, or a rerun of Law & Order, you’re out of luck. These episodes have been sacrificed for the good of the country – or for the good of Obama’s public image – whichever one you think most important.

Fox, however, has refused to participate in Obama’s nostalgic look back at his 3 1/3 months in office. They came to the conclusion that airing the drama Lie to Me would make more sense. Better to earn some ratings cash than to listen to Obama take four questions, talk for an hour, and say absolutely nothing while looking good doing it. Either that, or they figured the show’s title would best fit the content of an Obama press conference.

I have to question the time slot for this presser. The only people who will be in any position to actually watch this press conference will be those in the eastern time zone. Central and Mountain people will be making dinner or just finishing their commute and Pacific people will have either just left the office or be stuck in traffic for the duration.

I guess Obama chose this timeslot for one, maybe two reasons. First, his primary audience is the White House Press Corps and the other assembled salivating media moguls who will take his words and amplify them across the world in the most positive way possible. They will do this whether he renders a flawless performance or whether he crashes and burns on the first question.

I’ll go with reason number two: Lie to Me is followed immediately by American Idol. Obama’s constituency may pass up a cop drama to gaze upon and listen to The One. Ask them to pass up the elimination episode of American Idol, and Barry’s Neilsen ratings would drop off the scale.

Maybe next time The One should conduct his press conference on the Kodak stage in Los Angeles. The feedback/questions could then be asked by the Idol judges – I’m sure at least Simon would ask more stinging questions than anyone in the White House Press Corps.