When I was younger and much more reckless in my political thought, I thought that having a President and a Congress from the same party was a good thing. After seeing the mess that GWB and the GOP made of things in the mid-2000s, and what the Dems and Obama are doing now, I’ve changed my tune. I have to say here, that Eddio beat me to the punch with this blurb, but I must opine….

So when I read that Pennsylvanian RINO Senator, Arlen Specter was changing parties a chill ran down my leg. Specter admits that he can’t win in the GOP primary next year, but that this move was not based on ambition, but principle – because his views are more in line with the Democrats – that shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone. But really, we’re supposed to believe that this move is all about the principle…oooookay!

The fact that he’s changing parties screams that this is all about ambition and not principle. However, as a conservative and a begrudgingly registered Republican I am not sad to see old Arlen go. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, old man. If you really wanted to work your principles you’d retire and let the rest of us get on with our lives, however, that’s a post for another day.

Back to my original point of one party controlling both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. With Specter’s defection and the imminent selection (not election) of Stuart Smalley…ergh, I mean Al Franken to the Senate, the Dems will have a tight lock on both ends of Washington. I can only imaging the salivating that Harry Reid is doing right about now as his dreams of total leftist utopia in the Senate are about to be realized.