Once we’re out of Iraq…


Filed Under General on Apr 21 

I was thinking in the shower today (I do that occasionally – shower, that is) about the last 10 years. I wondered while I lathered what the rallying lightning rod was that kept most liberals around and coordinated with each other over the last 5-8 years. It kept coming back to the war in Iraq. That, more than anything else, seemed to be the bigger compelling vision that Dems used to smooth over the natural divisions present in the Dem party and with various liberal factions in the US.

So here’s my question: What happens after Iraq? What happens to the liberal coalition after we pull out of Iraq with only a token force retained for special ops, and leave the daily governing and security to the Iraqis? What happens when Iraq disappears totally from the news, and from the daily concern for our troops, who will be all home?

My prediction: the liberal coalition will fall apart. The natural fissures and fractures that keep libs from working with each other will arise. Their inherent self-imposed sense of superiority will blind them from continuing the joint exercises they performed well throughout the 2005-2008 election process. They will start to snipe, criticize, and hold back from seeing the worthiness of another group’s cause: gitmo, grass, gay marriage, and more. One group will be ticked off that another group could care less about their own petty issue, and the coalition will break down and potentially fall apart.

You don’t need a catastropic collapse, by the way. Just 5-8 points is all, mostly from indies who look at the very same radical libs now in power with an increasing sense of alarm and suspicion. Wait till 3 years from now, when more of this bizarre agenda is rolled out in the name of ‘hope and change’. Anchor that with a legit Republican candidate, and the race is on for 2012.

But it all boils down to a speedy recall from Iraq. If the troops are out of there by late 2010 as projected and announced, then Iraq is off the table for the next state and national election. The peaceniks will rejoice, and Indies will be relieved. Once that happens, the Indies will turn en masse to the state of government spending and the economy and begin uttering profane questions about who’s in charge and what the bleep was he thinking.

Which makes me wonder if Obama will backtrack on his timetable, not because he doesn’t want to, but because his Teleprompter has told him that once that happens, the big tent comes down. It might also explain why BO (the president, not the dog; although it’s possible he’s giving him orders as well – the dog, not the president) earmarked all that he did on education, energy, healthcare, etc. He’s got to buy their votes now, before they all start squabbling about their own little petty plans and fiefdoms. He has to plan for the day that Iraq disappears as an issue, because it won’t be a pretty one.