If you weren’t scared by some of the things Pres. Obama is proposing and saying, you should be now. At the beginning of April a bill was introduced in the Senate (by Rockefeller D-WVa and Snowe R-ME) that would give Mr. O the power to shut down the internet in case of a “cyber emergency”.

I know you’re asking yourself, what would constitute a cyber emergency, and why wouldn’t any sound network already have safeguards in place for an emergency in the first place? Any company that is worth its salt already has a plan, and has no need for this type of government intervention. And here is where I would like to share my housewife genius with Mr. Obama – free of charge, because I’m nice like that. Generally if a product stinks, people won’t buy it, or consume it or use it, and they will tell their friends. So, it’s in a company’s best interest to put out a quality product. This is how the free market works; quality wins, and if an ISP does not put out a quality product – a safe product, people will go elsewhere for their internet needs. In fact, I will go as far to say that the private sector is probably better protected and prepared for a cyber emegency than the public sector right now. The reason is again, because, it’s in their best interests to be so.

As has been the case with Obama’s healthcare plans, and the closing of Gitmo, the announcements are bold but the details are few and far between – but I guess that’s all part of making the most of a crisis situation, right? This bill is no different than previous bold announcements. In a worst case scenario the President could decide what the cyber emergency was, when to shut everyone down, and then how and when public and private networks could come back on line. Ill even go as far to say that if you are the “right” kind of network or saying the “right” kinds of things, or having the “right” kind of people on your network you get to be first in line! I’m sure if this type of legislation had be proposed by GWB, the Left, led by the ACLU would be screaming about this attack on our liberties and how we deserved neither liberty or security if we agree to give the government this type of power. Strangely, since the Chosen One thinks it’s ok, so should we.

The bill would also establish a National Cyber Security Advisor and seek to “remake the relationship between the government and the private sector on cyber security”. (another Tzar anyone?). Great! More government waste, to do a job that could be taken care of by one of the myriad of other governmental departments – The Department of Commerce comes to mind, as would Homeland Security, or even the Secret Service or FBI. As for remaking the relationship, as I said above, it’s in a company’s best interest to put out a quality product, therefore there is really no need for any government intervention here.

The internet is truly the last bastion of totally free speech in this country. It’s an amazing place, because of this, I’m not surprised the government wants to get its hooks into it, so they can control who is doing the saying and what is being said. If we really care about free speech and freedom on the net, this is a bill to watch.