Remember this from just a few weeks back?


Well. It seems as though the “great civilization” of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a closed door kangaroo court, has sentenced an Iranian-American reporter, Roxana Saberi (31) to eight years in prison. The sad part is that many Americans will try to create a moral equivalency of the Iranian process to that of Gitmo, thus, ignoring the obvious differences of not having proper papers to that of shooting at American troops on a battlefield while proclaiming a return to Jihad upon release.

Iran Sentences American Journalist to Eight Years

President Obama’s naivete is beyond laughable, childish and weak. It is dangerous. He is basking in the glory for giving the command to take out of three pirates all the while apologizing to the world and extending the olive branch to every thug dictatorial regime in his path. Europe loves Obama’s approach to world affairs as it comes directly from the European model. Unfortunately, America’s enemies must be loving it and laughing at it as well. Would the Iranian courts have arrested and come to the same result had Bush still been in power? Probably. The difference is in the fact that the Bush Administration would not be on the world wide web telling the “Iranian leadership” how respected they are and how much we appreciate their great contributions to the world community.

But. It doesn’t really matter because there is no difference between a Republican administration and a Democrat administration, is there?