If you watched O’Reilly this evening, you saw this footage of a tea party attender calling on the carpet that poor excuse of a reporter from CNN.

Side note: I think, but I’m not sure, that family man with a baby drops the f-bomb; it’s hard to tell. So I sincerely apologize if that’s the case. I don’t condone vulgarity……least of all the f-bomb. (To be safe, you can skip right to 2 min 10 sec)

The clip first replays the inept reporter attacking the tea party. Conveniently CNN shut off their cameras, neglecting to show the aftermath of her shoddy, hateful, and inaccurate assessment of the day’s festivities. Luckily, someone nearby had his camera rolling and captured a woman reprimanding our little friend on her biased reporting. Kudos to whoever this protester is.

That reporter should be fired.