That’s the headline in Politico today.

Far from her home state and the controversy she left behind, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin traveled to Indiana Thursday and reminded Republicans why she remains a party heavyweight and a top prospective presidential candidate in 2012.

Palin drew approximately 3,000 people to the Vanderburgh County Right to Life fundraising dinner in Evansville, an annual banquet that typically attracts some of the GOP’s top national talent. Her sold-out appearance in a local exhibition hall prompted organizers to set up a paid closed-circuit broadcast at a nearby auditorium for a large spill-over crowd and led local authorities to close down nearby streets.

These are the types of things Palin needs to do a lot of in order to stay in the pack for the 2012 derby. As she stays visible, the media and leftists will inevitably attack her, which will give her a chance to prove whether or not she can rise above the attacks and ridicule. It would also help if she would provide leadership in a policy debate over the next couple of years.