If you’re one of those hardworking procrastinators among the American taxpaying public, you’re probably hard at work amidst a sea of tax forms trying to figure out if Junior’s summer camp expenses can be deducted as child care expenses under some obscure sub-paragraph of the tax code known only to Tim Geithner. Once you figure that out, it’ll be a race to the post office where a (hopefully) non-disgruntled postal worker waits to affix the sacred April 15,2009 post mark to your seven pound tax return.

Personally, I managed to navigate the perils of Turbotax and e-file my taxes a few weeks ago and I can happily announce both the Feds and Virginia have begrudgingly returned the interest free loan I gave them during 2008. Having done so – on time – now disqualifies me for any cabinet level position in the Obama administration. Don’t worry, somehow I’ll get over my disappointment.

There is no end to the complaints that I have about how my hard earned and begrudgingly parted with tax dollars are confiscated and wasted by my local, state, and federal government. I’d list them, but I have to get back to work to make sure the IRS gets its share of my paycheck. Having said that, there is one group of Federal employees to which I’ll gladly send more money.

Over the course of my professional career, I’ve had the honor and privilege of working (in a non-operational and non-military capacity) with a few men who – in past lives – made their living as Navy SEALs. They are – to a man – the most exceptional group of professionals I’ve ever come across. These guys are America’s 911 call and are often sent to unpronounceable corners of the world on missions that even Hollywood screenwriters would deem far outside of the realm of possibility.

This past Easter Sunday while most of us were trying to keep our kids from going into sugar shock brought on by the consumption of multi-colored Peeps, three SEAL snipers fired three shots from high powered rifles and dispatched three Islamofacist Murdering Thug Terrorists. This might not sound like much, but consider the fact these shots were fired from the fantail of a Navy destroyer to a bobbing lifeboat.

Very few people in the world could have done this. Most, if not all of them are US Navy SEALs. If you ever have the honor of meeting one, buy him an adult beverage. He’s earned it several times over.


Picture HT Ranger Up.