Please accept my letter – just published letter in our local paper. Somebody said, “All politics is local” and I think we have to take a stand locally to build a foundation for doing anything nationally. Anyway, the issues are the same everywhere, at every level.


We hear they’re reprising the Boston Tea Party, that quintessential tax protest. It was December 16, 1773, a bunch of colonial “hooligans” boarded a ship of the Crown moored in Boston Harbor (“hah-bah”) and threw King George’s tea to King Neptune to protest the unfair extra penny of tax levied upon it. In those days, Starbucks had no shoppes in the colonies, so English tea was the drink. The extra tax on tea was as much insult as financial burden (but, frankly, by comparison to taxes these days, King George doesn’t seem nearly so bad! I digress.).

To those who know my partisan Republican past, don’t expect me to rail only against Democrats and liberals so long as Trans Texas Corridor Rick Perry and another George – a recent “conservative” who outspent the liberal he followed, are on my list, too. Neighbors, that’s my point. The politicians have cleverly kept us distracted, divided and barking at each other over who is left and who is right, so that we have neglected barking at them over what is right and what is wrong. I now care less about drawing lines between us than drawing circles around wasteful politicians. Maybe we elect good people, but it truly seems that many change with power; from city hall, thru the courthouse, the capitol in Austin and along the Potomac, there is waste, fraud, abuse, or maybe just cronyism, complacency or naivete, rampant and unchallenged; whatever it is, the debt it builds accrues to us taxpayers, leading to politicians’ insatiable appetite for our money. Think I’m wrong? Too strong? Aren’t ALL your taxes up each year, but, still they demand more?

It is not by party, it is by politicians and by design and only by standing together, can taxpayers throw it into the harbor where it belongs. Stay informed. Get angry. Challenge everything. Challenge all politicians of all parties who have the power to tax and to spend your money. Demand accountability and reform, for as those patriots learned in 1773, a symbolic gesture is cute, sincere, and even gets some press, but only a revolution (as in 1776) actually changes anything.