From the Heritage Foundation, this is “The Dirty Dozen: 12 New Policies That Undermine Civil Society”. You should visit the Heritage Foundation for their commentary on each policy. The commentaries provided here are mine.

1. Discouraging Charitable Giving
Because everyone should depend solely on and give all decision-making power to Obama’s almighty government.

2. Blocking Educational Opportunity for Low-Income D.C. Students
Because Obama had to pay off the teachers’ union by insulating their jobs, no matter how bad some of them are.

3. Reducing Abstinence Education
Because the more kids you have out of wedlock or at an early age, the more likely you will be to depend on government programs, giving Obama and his party more power over American lives.

4. Rolling Back Conscience Protections for Health Care Professionals
Because the “morality” (or lack thereof) of Obama’s party is all that matters. You know nothing. Trust the almighty state and the “values” or those who typically vote for Obama’s party.

5. Subsidizing Planned Parenthood
Because we should teach our children that there aren’t actual consequences for their actions, that the government will make it all go away, providing more dependence upon and power for the government.

6. Restricting Parental Notification and Expanding Family Planning
Because your parents do not know what you know. Just ask Al Gore. The government is the ultimate moral authority, you should trust it, which, by the way, gives it more power.

7. Using Tax Dollars to Finance Abortion Abroad
Because its not enough for to spread Obama’s party’s lack of morality within the US, it needs to convince the entire world it knows what is right.

8. Taxpayer Funding for Controversial, Unproven Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Because just when you thought Obama and his party were done attacking morality and life, they let you know it will never stop.

9. Violating Religious Groups’ Equal Access on College Campuses
Because the government run by Obama’s party is the new religion. You should leave yours home when you come to college to be indoctrinated. The government now pronounces what is moral and immoral and you must abide by its all-knowing wisdom.

10. Rolling Back Successful Welfare Reform
Because increasing power through dependence and pretended loyalty to the government is this administration’s modus operandi.

11. Expanding Dependence on Government
Because nearly all legislation passed in this Congress has been about power, control, and personal greed for most everyone in Washington, both parties included. Also, see 1-10 above.

12. Leaving a Legacy of Debt to Future Generations
Because it’s not enough for these power-mongers to convince all of America and the world that their version of morality is correct or that Americans should depend upon the government more than self, family, or God. Rather, they want to ensure their power by enslaving Americans to the government, which by controlling the currency, could inflate it until it is worthless, leaving people waiting for the government to bail them out.

America, do you have any morals remaining or is this really what you wanted from “hope” and “change”?