So let me get this straight. Our illustrious president travels around the world and this is what happens:

He gets ignored by the Russians.
He gets ridiculed by the Turks (with blackface!–whoa).
He gets denied his most pressing points for economic recovery by the G-20.
He gets shaken down by the Euros to only a token increase for Afghanistan.
He ignores the obvious pleas to label the “Armenian episode” what it truly is – genocide.
He dismisses the religious heritage of Americans while legitimizing Islamic extremists in the Turkish gov’t.
He humbles himself to the Saudis.
He promises Iraq nothing.
He skips paying tribute to American dead in Normandy.

To top it all off, he “repents” of America’s evils that apparently are the source of all bad things in the universe, complete with “mea culpas” all around, on the house, he’s buying.

I honestly have no idea where to begin on this one. Learning curve? Ideological misunderstandings? A novice at the helm of the largest economy and biggest military in the world acting like a banana republic dictator on trial? Just absolutely appalling.

When liberals run the show, this is the kind of entertainment the world gets. And they got quite the show. Now we know what the world will do for the next 3 ½ years: ignore, dismiss, intimidate, reject, defy, and basically “flip the bird” at the US. And we wonder why they love him so. I think it’s obvious.

Folks, get ready. This ride is going to get very bumpy, very soon.