I can’t quite figure it out.

Before he ran in the 2008 GOP primaries, I liked Mitt Romney.

After he lost and was helping with the McCain campaign, I liked Mitt Romney.

When it was time for Johnny Mac to pick a VP, I liked Mitt Romney.

But for whatever reason, be it his chameleon-like stands on issues, his uneven performances in the debates, or just the way he combed his hair, when he was running for President, I just didn’t care for Mitt Romney.

Well it looks like I’ll have a second chance to figure out what made me anti-Mitt, because all systems appear go for Mitt 2.0, or more accurately, Mitt in 2012.

Romney has a couple of years to polish the flaws that cost him the race against McCain last year, and he’s already learned from some of the mistakes John McCain made against President Obama. After getting roasted for not knowing how many homes he had, McCain was then blasted when it was revealed that he and his wife owned nine homes (or was it seven?)

Romney is already attempting to mitigate the “rich and out-of-touch” sticker that McCain was branded with, by selling two of the four homes he owns.

I think we should take up a PD collection and buy his ski lodge in Utah!