Fortunately, TOTUS found the humor in this episode and has made America aware of the situation.


  • nobama


  • Brian H

    I miss the Photo of the Day! Would love to bring back to PD if I could figure out how to put pics in wordpress. Any thoughts?

    • kristen

      I kinda miss that too.

      I know how to insert pictures, but don’t think I can explain it via comments. When writing a draft, there’s a spot at the bottom of the screen that allows one to insert a picture. I usually have to fiddle with it, and reteach myself each time I attempt to add a picture. Play around with it sometime…..

  • Gary Russell

    Loved the “where’s Joe the Plumber when you need him” tag on the TOTUS blog comments.

  • Scott A. Robinson

    By the way TOTUS blog, still very funny.

    Crackberry blog, not so funny.