I know this is old news, but it keeps happening again and again — like an episode of The Twilight Zone gone really, really bad.

Looks like current Heath and Human Service Secretary nominee Katharine Sebelius has “corrected” her taxes. I’ve lost count of how many of Mr. O’s noms have had tax troubles – I can’t count that high.

One has to wonder: 1—Why is the tax code so confusing? But then again, I manage to pay my taxes correctly every year, even using Turbo Tax. 2—Why did the vetting process miss these details? 3—Why does the Obama admin think no one cares – all Turbo Tax jokes aside here, really, I do care about people paying their taxes correctly – especially if you are going to be in a leadership position. What a person does privately does matter. 4–Are these tax gaffes an indication of the kind of leadership to come? And finally, I have to wonder are these honest mistakes or are these people trying to play the system?

What think ye Derby Fans?