You know, I’m glad Obama wants to talk to the “moderate” Taliban members, as if there is such a thing. Maybe the “moderate” Taliban kill only with kindness? Yeah, that’s it. This was reported in an AP story today:

Baitullah Mehsud, who has a $5 million bounty on his head from the U.S., said Monday’s attack outside the eastern city of Lahore was in retaliation for U.S. missile strikes against militants along the Afghan border.

Soon we will launch an attack in Washington that will amaze everyone in the world,” Mehsud told The Associated Press by phone (emphasis added).

Let’s snuggle up by the fire, share some hot cocoa and have a nice chat. That sounds like such a great idea.

So the real question is: What is Obama’s true purpose in wanting to speak with the Taliban? There seems to always be an ulterior motive with this administration.


  • Chris

    In any case, I think that talking is good and not of great concern.

    The devil here will be in the detail, has anything been offered in exchange for their agreeing to talk and if a deal is then struck, what are the terms

    That is when we will know if there is anything here to worry about

  • Lizzy

    Yes we know, he inherited this, he inherited that, blah blah blah. Why does he need 500 people? That’s a lot of lifelines. My tax dollars paying for this per diem nightmare? Need I ask?

  • German Observer

    A few answers to the questions raised in this threat, and I lke to repeat myself by and then:

    1. As a basis: it was not the Obama administration that rushed into Afghanistan, but his predecessor. The Bush administration went there touh everybody know, that Afghanistan due to its cultural and naturla conditions is not to get under control. The Soviets tried with much more effort and did not suceed. But to learn from somebody elses mistakes would have been just to easy, I guess. anyway, Obama didn’t cause this problem, he inherited it.

    2. You can distinguish between Taliban motivated by some goofy religious causes and Taliban, who are after money (could be called gangsters as well). The first group does not seem to be approachable, the second might be woth a try.

    3. You do not control Afghanistan and you will not, as nobody ever will. Anyway to get a better stand and it definetly not enough to bomb a marriage by and then, but to gain the support of the population, which doesn’t like the Taliban either. One of your generals said: “The war starts, where the street ends”. How many streets did you build?

    4. You need the sympathy and support of the world (Europe included) for two reasons: First, obviously you are not powerful enough to solve the problems on your own. Need more prove of this? Second, a great part of your problems is caused, as you don’t really care for the rest of the world.

    5. Expect more European support in Afghanistan, if Obama finds the right words and displays the right attitude. Don’t neccessarily expect combat troops though, but more financial help, more manpower to restore the country, build roads, streets, hospitals, infrastructure etc.

    • Sartho

      “Obama didn’t cause this problem, he inherited it.”

      Bush didn’t cause this problem either. There was this little event on September 11, 2001 that was wrong on so many levels and to stand by and not do anything about it would have been wrong on so many other levels.

      The overall situation has been mishandled over time, but this approach Obama’s taking isn’t exactly effective with the type of people who think it’s a good thing to kill people out of hatred.

      And trying to “play friends” with the rest of the world isn’t priority # 1 when it comes to providing security for one’s own country. Yes, it would be wonderful to have the support of many nations in these situations, but it’s no reason not to take a strong position against terrorist groups.

    • nobama

      Your comments always amuse me. You like to appear as some impartial observer. But if you read all your comments it’s obvious you’re a typical European liberal. Why not just day so?

      • nobama

        That was meant for “German Observer.” Sorry.

        • Brian H

          The act by GO of being a nonpartial “observer” has long been a joke. His rank rhetoric is straight out of the talking points found on any LOON University campus.

          I wonder how slow he would have prefered us to “rush” in after 9/11. Nevermind….I really dont wonder.

      • German Observer

        To be honest, I don’t have the slightest clue where you guys take your view from, that I would try to appear impartial. Maybe its just a language-problem, but I think that my statements always display my view very clearly. For example I recently had a good discussion just with Brian H, about the US- and the European system in comparison, and I guess there was no misunderstanding, which one I like better.

        So, if it makes you happy to find a label, you might call me an liberal, European liberal, whatever you like best – which I probably am, though I have some stands, which might be labeled “conservative” (e.g. abortion).

        Apart from that matter of name-calling, still nobody on this blog could convince me, that fighting violence with even more violence was the way you and the rest of the world did best with.

        • Brian H

          How else do you fight violence, GO?

          Exactly what could we possibly negotiate that would cause LOONS to not
          use their kitchen knives to remove someone’s head while they scream for their life?

          • German Observer

            There is no simple answer to your question and I have no time for the long version. Bottom line: try to cut the spiral of violence.

            What is possible with a friendlier, more approachable attitude could be seen today, when Obama and Medwedew met. No fixed agreements, no solutions yet, but a good start. Let’s see what will result. And this good start would not have been possible if Obama had entered with the statement, uh, ah, I see three letters in your eyes – K-G-B.

  • Gil Rice

    We can only hope this trip overseas will finally open Obawan’s eyes. Nobody has offered to aid in his troop build-up in Afganistan, his over the top spending at home has raised the hackles of more than one European leader and his rock star idoltry has significatively dimmed since Jan 21, so time will tell.

    • Scott A. Robinson

      I doubt he’ll see much, being that he will be so tightly guarded by his entourage of over 500 people!

      The One will only continue to think and feel like he is a rock star.

  • Gary Russell

    I’m taking my school band to perform in Washington in two weeks.
    Parents are going to be freaking out.

  • Lizzy

    No, the French do care what people think. The rest of the world doesnt’ though. Obama is freakin’ me out. I’m trying to believe we can recover from this chaos.

  • East of Eden

    I asked myself as well, is there such a thing as a moderate Taliban?

    If someone can explain Obama’s obsession with needing to be liked by everyone, that would sure help me understand the man. Seriously, when has this nation ever needed to care about what the Europeans think about us, I’m sure the French could give two hoots about what the Average Joe Citizen thinks about their country.

  • JE

    He is going to convince them to follow the true way.
    “Instead of converting to islam, would you be OK if our nation and world all just convert to Obamunism? I mean, I am the 12th Imam, the messiah and superman…what more can you want?”

  • nobama

    Good post and I have been reading a lot about the G20 all day. Obama’s aura is certainly going to be tested. But there’s a lot going on! Only one post all day at pderby????