How can the DNC have so much extra time, energy and cash that they can continue targeting a guy out of power and now making his living on TV? I can understand ads slamming lawmakers, GOP Chairman Steele, etc. But what’s with the fascination with Rove?


  • Brian H

    “Tax breaks for Big Oil” is so five years ago.

  • Brian H

    The funny thing about the ad is that the only thing anyone will remember about it is Rove calling the TOTUS an arrogant guy.

    I guess the suggestion is that Rove and Bush were also arrogant? OK.

  • East of Eden

    It takes a long time to get over Bush Derangement Syndrome. I know here in Santa Fe, the protesters (and there are always protesters out, every day of the week), have not quite figured out what to do with themselves now that their visions of utopia are not far off.

    Whodat….It’s good to see you!!

    • Whodat

      I know that’s right! I’m not over
      My BDS yet! Still in a funk, me.
      Watching Obama’s socialism and
      All, its Doo-fuss Bush I see!

      But, this tea-bag thing has me
      Perked up and I may come around;
      I gotta big “cold-brew” hangin’
      From my mirror, drivin round town.

      Startin’ to think we might just
      Retake the Senate; & clean House?
      Maybe!Alarms now wake we sleepers;
      This socialist fire, we must douse!

      Whodat still lookin’ for his political Viagra, then he’ll be ready!

  • Chris

    Why are they targeting Karl Rove?

    That is an easy one, could be clever politics, define your enemy, even if its a misdirection. The more they keep the likes of hte very unpolpular Karl Rove in the spotlight, the more they can portray the image of the Republican Party as the old party of President Bush, the harder they make it for independants and moderates to return to the GOP

    You might not like it, but it could be a good political strategy

  • David Kaiser, Editor

    The DNC is trying to pick their enemies. They pick on Rush, they pick on Cheney, now they pick on Rove.

    The new GOP leaders are just that, new. They don’t have the level of divisiveness that those listed above have. By keeping these controversial (and disliked by the left) figures as the faces of the enemy, the DNC hopes to keep the coalition they built in 2006 and 2008 together, and keep themselves in power.

    It’s smart, if it works.

  • Whodat

    Me thinks it is merely the old
    Art of political distraction;
    Trying to get their minions on
    Rove, blurs the awful Demo action!

    It’s a show for the libs & losers
    As most of us conservatives snarl
    At the mere mention of Rove, W’s
    Enabler; We owe W’s goofs to Karl!

    I, for one, turn off Fox whenever
    Karl “the architect” comes on,
    I seeth at his and W’s legacy and
    I wish his 15 minutes soon gone.

    Whodat sees the blame for today’s
    Socialist revolution was a weak
    and stupid Republican president,
    brought to us by Karl Rove Inc.

    • JE

      Great to see a post from you Whodat! Well said.

      • Whodat

        Thank you! An old warror always appreciates a kind word. Have a great weekend.

        From the RIGHT rough,


  • JE

    3 points:
    1. This is chicago politics. All enemies must be discredited/destroyed. They have not yet succeeded and are still bitter that rove beat them in the past.
    2. If the RNC closed an ad with the words: “Pot. Kettle. Black.” Immediately there would be calls of racism. Though i like the fact they admit Obama is arrogant by doing that…they just want you to know Rove is arrogant, too. Big surprise.
    3. The dem senate is reviewing how the BCS chooses number one seeds, the white house and dnc are targeting tv personalities for attacks. I am so glad there is nothing really important like economic problems, crazy tyrants getting ready to launch missiles or near civil war in a country bordering the US to take thier attention from these pursuits.