Looking through TOTUS


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In all my years of public speaking I have yet to use a TelePrompTer. I understand basically how they work – the speaker can see the text of his speech while the audience can see through the glass unobstructed. Quite the gift for those who lack the ability to talk coherently without the need for notes.

In his most recent prime-time press party, Obama graduated from the normal two-tiered TelePrompTer to a giant Obamatron.


As has been previously mentioned, Obama’s TelePrompTer has its own blog and prefers to be referred to as TOTUS (TelePrompTer Of The United States).

So, here’s a good question: If you put Team Obama’s trillion dollar burgeoning budget and look at it through the rose-tinted TOTUS, what do you see?


I’ll tell you what I see – an ocean of red ink that makes Madoff’s ponzi scheme look like a two-bit check kiting run by a few thugs on a street corner.


All this coming from a guy who pledged to restore “fiscal responsibility” to Washington. Who would have thought we’d look back fondly on W’s measly deficits and consider them tame in comparison.


  • Dave

    Maybe the size is beacause all the stress have depleted his eyesight?

  • Sartho

    Our good Mr. President said the following today refering to all the stimulus and other nonsense he’s doing.

    “… a recovery that will be measured by whether it lasts, whether it endures; by whether we build our economy on a solid foundation instead of an overheated housing market or maxed-out credit cards or the sleight of hand on Wall Street; whether we build an economy in which prosperity is broadly shared.”

    It really seems like the “solid foundation” that our economy will be based on will be the government. Way to kill the capitalist market Mr. President!!

  • Gil Rice

    What we have to understand here is that the only math lawyers understand is billable hours times the going rate per hour.

  • Troy La Mana

    He’s doing it this way because by the time he is up for re-election in 2012 the deficit will be cut from 1.85 Trillion to about 700 Billion and he can say he cut the deficit in half.

  • kristen

    And don’t you just love how he keeps saying he’s ‘inheriting’ this big deficit? How can he say that when he is running one four times bigger than his predecessor?

  • Alaina

    Seriously, what’s the statute of limitations on that?

  • Gil Rice

    And what nobody is admitting is the fact that the Demogods had control of Congress the last 2 yrs. of Bush’s term, so exactly when did this mess start?