Watch this clip to see the kind of people we need in Washington. I give this guy a standing ovation. And he didn’t even need a teleprompter.


  • Chris

    Moral fortitute? Not sure morality comes into it, balls maybe

    This guy is a member ouf our Conservative Party which is likely to form the next government.

    The Party has been pathetic since it lost power in 1997, lurching from one self made crisis to the next.

    When they get in, I hope to God they do a better job of running the economy that our current government has done, but I am not holding my breath

    • Eric

      I do appreciate his stand, and like some other things I’ve heard him say lately. It is, however, easier to be the outraged minority than the responsible majority–on both sides of the pond.

    • Eric

      Just curious. How do you feel about Hannan calling out the PM in an international setting? That seems weird to me.

      • Chris

        well, it was better than one BBC presenter who, when being interviewed for an Australian network stated that the PM was a “one-eyed Scottish idiot”

        I don’t really feel anything about the public arena to be honest, if it hadn’t made YouTube I imagine no one would have seen it, truly, the European Parliament is a monumental bore.

        you guys seem to afford a greater deference to your public figures than we do, refering to them by title is an example of that. We are much more cynical about our leaders. I would be more upset actually if he had insulted the Queen.

        The PM is in serious trouble though, we have an election due by the middle of next year, they are likely to get destroyed in the polls

  • Sartho

    Bravo!!!! Can we have this guy come visit and recite his speech to Congress and Obama with just a few words changed – like PM to POTUS???

    It’s so refreshing to see someone with this level of moral fortitude. Just wish he was in our country.