The last time he went down this path, Pat Toomey came pretty darn close to beating PA-RINO Senator Arlen Specter in the 2004 Republican primary in the Keystone State.

It looks like he’s got his hiking shoes on for another trot down the ole’ primary path:

“The fact is, Arlen Specter made this happen,” said Toomey, president of the national limited-government activist group Club for Growth. “I think a Republican senator from Pennsylvania ought to govern based on the conservative ideas at the heart of the Republican Party, and that’s why – Arlen, are you listening? – it is very likely that I will become a candidate for the United States Senate.”

Toomey faces a daunting task in downing Specter, who must be part cat, because he has gone through more political lives than Rudy Giuliani has gone through marriages. And even if Toomey does succeed in toppling the infamous author of the Single Bullet Theory, he faces an uphill battle in an increasingly blue state of Pennsylvania.

The last conservative senator from PA, Rick Santorum, got whomped in 2006 by Bob Casey, Jr. Additionally, the state has gone to the Democratic side in the last two governor elections, as well as the last four or five presidential elections.

So while Toomey may end the long political career of Arlen Specter, all that may do is finally make what is nominally a Democratic seat already into one for real.


  • Dave

    Clean them out! In The northeast maybe you cant get a pro-lifer, but get a fiscal conservative for crying out loud. Same for the Benedicts in Maine. I hereby Propose to give Maine to France. Wait, that would raise lobster prices, cant do that!

  • Troy La Mana

    Specter would have been gone too if the GOP would have just not endorsed him. Now we pay for that mistake.

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    And by the way, why don’t hard left libs call people like Evan Bayh DINO’s?

    • David Kaiser, Editor

      Evan Bayh and Dino, separated at birth?

      Dino Bayh

  • Jason Wright, Editor

    I think I agree. Some will say a RINO is better than a D, but I think with the current state of the GOP, that might not be true.

  • nobama

    I say fine. Specter is of no use to Republicans. Who cares that he stands with us sometimes, he dillutes the brand. I love Toomey, but if he beats Arlen and loses the genera, so be it.

    • nobama

      Not genera, that sounds like a cancer drug, I meant general