It’s time to make way for the queen. (Did you know we had royalty in this country? Neither did I.)

Madame Speaker is ‘upset’ that no G5s are available for the White House during Memorial Weekend. This is just absolutely ‘unacceptable’. I mean, how else is Ms. Pelosi going to flit around the country in style and class, sometimes with her family in tow, at tax-payer expense? Forget normal air travel. That’s for the regular folks. We can’t ask someone of Nancy’s stature to stoop to that level. Heaven forbid she be subjected to TSA and their tight flying restrictions as is the average U.S. citizen. Or heaven forbid she adhere to our new president’s hope of cutting out excessive waste from government officials.

Or maybe that’s above her pay grade.

Hmmm. I bet Air Force officials have grown tired of her ‘unreasonable demands’ and her many last-minute cancellations, wasting millions upon millions of your dollars.

At any rate, Judicial Watch has outed our Speaker of the House for abusing the system. After collecting multiple emails and other documents, president of the organization Tom Fitton said, “Taken together, these documents show that Speaker Pelosi treats the Air Force like her personal airline.” At a time of ‘economic crisis’, as our new president calls it, one would think the powers that be in Washington would show some fiscal restraint and responsibility.

So, your Royal Heiness is pitching a fit for not having military aircraft at her disposal that 4th Monday in May–a holiday created by and for the military. Poor Nancy. What’s an elitist to do?