It’s often said when giving gifts, “It’s the thought that counts”. Who does not remember giving their mom a clay homemade ashtray for Mother’s Day, or your dad a paper tie for Father’s Day? But you have to wonder what kind of thought went into the gifts that Barak Obama have British Prime Minister Gordon Brown last week: 25 DVDs of American movies (which were region 1 format and cannot be played in the UK), and some plastic model helicopters of Marine One. I say stunning!

The Browns on the other hand gave the President a pen holder made from the anti-slave ship the HMS Gannet, a framed commission of the HMS Resolute (whose wood out of which the Resolute Desk is made) and a first edition of Winston Churchill’s biography. Oh, and there were the clothes and books given to the Obama children too. Then there was the little issue of Obama giving back a bust of Winston Churchill, and not having a pomp and circumstance press conference with Mr. Brown in the East Room too. Obama might as well have given Mr Brown a homemade T-shirt that said, “I went to the White House and all I got was this crappy T-shirt.”

If we’re counting thoughts here, I think tacky. This is no way to treat the representative of our greatest and oldest ally. It’s also sad that no one except a few on Fox News are calling the Obamas out on this. After this and last week’s “Easy Button” fiasco between Hillary and the Russian Foreign Minister you have to really start to wonder what is in the water over there on Pennsylvania Ave or if everyone at the State Department called in sick.