Much has been said lately about pork projects, earmarks and the out of control spending in Washington on both sides of the isle. As a regular American I can only hope the system will somehow improve, but at this point I am in doubt that anything will ever change. Seriously, Sens Feingold and Bayh, good job of not wanting to pass a bill full of earmarks, but really, what about the big Porktacular that wad passed a few weeks ago? Was the pork contained in that bill somehow better, less offensive or less reckless? You both confuse me.

Pres. Obama promised us he’d go line by line thru every bill and send it back if there was pork in it. He’s conveniently changed the definition of pork to suit his agenda, which if he’s doing that to get out of reading the 1000 + page bill I totally get. I’m sure the 2009 Omnibus is not a page turner. However, he seems to be falling back on the lame excuse that he’s “inherited” the current mess to spend on his pet projects, and that this is “last year’s” bill so the spending is somehow justified. That might be true, but you know what, you’re in charge now, so it’s all yours, just own it already! White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs has even stated that Obama would “outline how to deal with earmarks in a “new way”. Good gracious, more change! All I want is someone to own the mess; to just say, “This is not mine, but I’m going to deal with it right now, no bull, let’s get to work” I know that’s not going to happen, but hey, a girl can dream can’t she?

I don’t think need change, just someone to do the right thing – wait, maybe that would be change?? Sadly Pres Obama’s actions on how he has dealt with earmarks and pork have undercut his message of change and will chip away at his public credibility.