One of the most thankless jobs in any White House has to be that of the Designated Spear Catcher – commonly known as the White House Press Secretary. It’s a rough gig, but somebody has to go out every day and deal with the fickle White House Press Corps. Right now that gig belongs to none other than Robert Gibbs.

I don’t watch many of the Daily Briefings, even though most of the MSM websites have daily alerts or banner headlines proclaiming “Gibbs Briefs White House Press Corps” in the same fashion they would advertise a moon landing, a cure for cancer, or Michelle Obama’s release of her latest “arms of steel” workout video. My main reason for avoiding the daily press fawning is the fact that Robert Gibbs’ performance is too painful to endure.

I thought no one could lower the bar further after Scott McClellan exited stage left in favor of the late Tony Snow. McClellan’s inarticulate mumblings were nothing if not irritatingly boring. Snow was indeed a breath of fresh air if for no other reason than he came to the podium prepared to do battle with an increasingly visceral and hostile Press Corps. Tony gave as good as he got during his tenure. Nobody knows that better than NBC’s David Gregory.

Well, Mr. Gibbs, you are no Tony Snow. For the record, I miss Tony Snow.

There is a term in the boxing world where a lightweight fighter takes on a heavy (heavier) weight opponent and wins. It’s called “punching above your weight”. Gibbs has attempted to do this very thing lately by “calling out” reporters and talk show hosts who dare to publicly cross or otherwise castigate President Obama. Thus far his targets include Jim Cramer, Rick Santelli, and El Rushbo.

Doesn’t proverbial political wisdom dictate that you don’t pick a fight with guys who buy ink by the barrel or, more specifically, guys who have a whole lot of air time and nothing better to do than throw bricks at you all day long?
If the best Gibbs can do is whine about El Rushbo and some CNBC hosts – and believe me, listen to Gibbs talk and you’ll understand why I say he’s whining – than he’s in for a very short tenure at the Press Room podium.

Then again, most White House Spear Catchers don’t have very long tenures. Personally, I believe Helen Thomas’ seat is close enough to the podium that she sucks the life force out of anyone who stands close enough to her to answer one of her inane questions. That’s how she’s lasted as long as she has. I’d try to tell you how long she’s been a member of the White House Press Corps, but records don’t go back that far.