The Party has unveiled its new logo, designed to let you know, at your expense (but you’re a proletariat and don’t know any better, so don’t concern your little self with something as unimportant as the cost), that The Party has your best interests in mind.

Per ABC:

President Obama announced today that his administration will begin stamping an emblem on projects funded by the economic stimulus package so that people can easily recognize the effects of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

All projects will be stamped with the ARRA logo (short for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) and lists the website on the emblem.

Now that we are pulling out of Eurasia and ramping up our efforts in Eastasia, you can focus on how Big Brother Obama is working for you by kindly using your hard-earned money for the benefit of all through his administration.

Furthermore, The Party would like to remind you that it will care for all your healthcare needs, assuming you are not too old or too sick to any longer be useful to The Party.

The Party would also like to remind you of the Fairness Doctrine. If you do not speak fairly about The One, Lord Obama, and his administration you will be reprimanded.

Finally, The Party will again be the leading contributor to all charities nationwide. You will again see The Party using the ultimate wisdom in contributing your funds, as the omniscient Party always contributes to the organizations that most support The Party, because The Party always supports you, the American citizen.

All Hail The Party!

Update: In a stunning doubleplusungood rebellion, several of the proletariats have mocked Big Brother’s great American symbol for all that is good, righteous, and sincere about The Party’s universal concern for us, their little people. Look for these rebels to become unpersons by dawn.