Mitt Romney won the 2009 CPAC straw poll with only 20% of the vote. That’s good news for Romney, of course. But the bad news is that Ron Paul, a man who will be 117 in 2012 got 13% of the vote. Safe to say this is not a representative sampling of GOPers across the country. And before the resident Ron Paulites trash me, let me remind you Ron Paul has not and never will be a viable candidate for president. So when a horse with zero chance of winning the nomination ties for third, we have no choice but to discount the overall results.

Nevertheless, that’s three straight wins for Romney and I’m sure beating Palin and Jindal put a smile on his face. The biggest surprise? Sanford was a complete non-factor at just 4%.

As for our contest, it appears everyone’s favorite pot stirrer, Rob, is the winner by guessing Romney at 21%. Drop me a line, Rob, with your address and I’ll send you a book. (either for you or as a gift) Congrats!