The real bad guys


Filed Under General on Feb 26 

Democrats blame Republicans. Republicans blame Democrats. Cats chase mice. Dogs chase cats.

It all seems quite natural, doesn’t it? But taking a closer look at the global economic crisis, it becomes clear to me every day that the real bad guys in this situation are the nit-wits that run these endangered banks.

Exhibit A:

The entertainment Web site TMZ broke the story Tuesday that Northern Trust of Chicago, which got $1.5 billion in bailout money and then laid off 450 workers, flew hundreds of clients and employees to Los Angeles last week and treated them to four days of posh hotel rooms, salmon and filet mignon dinners, music concerts, a PGA golf tournament at the Riviera Country Club with Mercedes shuttle rides and Tiffany swag bags.

“A rep from the PGA told us Northern Trust wrote one big, fat check in order to sponsor the event,” TMZ reported.

I have no doubt that many people who work at these banks work hard and earn their salary, but are you kidding me?

At some point the very basic tenets of common sense need to kick in here, and if you worked at this bank, you would have to have to stop and say: “Hey, we just got a whole truckload of bailout money. Maybe we shouldn’t be throwing this shindig?”

Well apparently these folks neglected to stop at the counter when they were giving out common sense at birth.

So while Obama, Pelosi, and Reid do battle with Boehner. McConnell, and Steele, the banks just keep on keepin’ on.

I think the Donkeys and the Elephants need to take a step back and fix that problem before going back to bludgeoning each other on a daily basis.