I am so thankful for change. When I am not making snide political comments I am a normal nine-to-fiver with abnormal work hours. What I lack in take home salary is generally made a little better with a generous benefits package that includes an employer paid 401K. For the past few weeks I’ve been fighting off the fringe recommendation to bail on the stock market all together. The stock market has never lost value over any ten year period! Plus, I was pretty sure the market was approaching the bottom.

Well, today has sent me off the deep end.

As of 2:49 p.m. EDT, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 242.21 points, or 3.09%, to 7608.68, the S&P 500 lost 32.39 points, or 3.90%, to 794.59 and the Nasdaq Composite sank 52.68 points, or 3.43%, to 1481.68. The consumer-friendly FOX 50 declined 19.83 points, or 3.23%, to 593.58.

The selling on Wall Street has picked up steam in recent days as the markets remain confused about the Treasury Department’s latest financial rescue plan and unimpressed with the $787 billion stimulus package to be signed by President Barack Obama on Tuesday.

I’m off now! I need to see if I can make any more space under my mattress.