Arlen Specter
I am from the great commonwealth of PA, so I say this with much regret: Arlen Specter is a doofus. Between strangely quoting Scottish law during the Clinton impeachment trials, to wasting Congressional time holding hearings on the legitimacy of “Spygate” between the NE Patriots and the NY Water-Taxis (Jets), the man has done some outlandish, stupid, and embarrassing things in his time in office. But none of it has ever had the potential to cause irreparable harm to the country – until now. This Porkola bill could be doing just that, and he’s lathering it up like Troy Polamalu with a bottle of hair shampoo after a ballgame. Unbelievable.

Here he is trying to justify his reasons for joining the pigfest. The only thing I didn’t hear was an oink, oink.

Here’s his home web page:

This is how much I could not vote for him as a Republican: In his last election, I voted third party against him with a no-way-in-the-world-he’s-gonna-win Constitution Party candidate, whose name I could not give you to save my life. I frankly didn’t care if the democrat running against Specter won; I was just so irritated with him. It would not have been that far of a stretch in the voting record. I just couldn’t vote for the man.

Wanna join my club? Then simply post “Aye” in your best Scottish brogue…