I won’t weigh in on the bill because it’s all been said already. Anyone who’s ever met me, read my posts or beaten me in golf knows where I stand.

So it begins. The ‘compromise‘ has been reached and a vote will happen asap.

Barring a significant crisis, (ie. an attack on US soil) Obama’s chances at reelection are now tied to this massive crapulus bill. If, as they predict, jobs are created, inflation is held in check and the markets rebound 10-20%, Obama wins in 2012. The bar is so very low for him.

But if the bailout fails… If the massive spending takes too long to create jobs, if credit doesn’t start flowing, if there’s the perception of waste (there will be waste, but will the press report it?) then he faces tough odds of another four years and BO himself becomes every bit as much a failed experiment as his proposals.

And seriously, must we call this a compromise just because three RINO’s sat at the table and gave a thumbs up?