If you haven’t heard, there’s change a brewin’ in Washington. One of the most recent changes is that the head of the 2010 Census will report directly to the White House, instead of the Commerce Secretary, as in years past. (See the full story here)

A White House spokesperson was quoted as saying. “From the first days of the transition the Census has been a priority for the president, and a process he wanted to reevaluate. Why is that? Does Mr. Obama want to stack the deck, count people twice, let his friends at ACORN help with the count, count illegals, make gerrymandering congressional districts easier or make sure we’re counting the nation the Chicago Way? I have to wonder why Mr. Obama feels this type of change is necessary and what good will come of it.

I think the Census Department would be better left alone and as far away from the President, his people, the politically active and anyone in the 202 area code. Mr. Obama promised us change, this is not it. He promised us transparancy, this is also not it. What comes next only time will tell.