Barack blew it


Filed Under General on Feb 8 

Regardless of the outcome of the US Pork and Smorgasbord Package, Obama has failed his first test. Joe Biden was right; it wasn’t 6 months into his time in office when he’d be facing a situation of critical national proportions. And in this first case, he lost. And it will come back to bite him in the butt later on down the road.

But, you say, he’s got his bill. He’s delivered what he’s promised. The people will receive their payouts, companies their corporate welfare, special interest groups their well-deserved election thanks, etc. So we will all get a lathering of pork and feel better about it. And he did it in a short period of time, which is in itself a miraculous feat when dealing with an entity like the US Congress. So he certainly didn’t lose anything.

But I’ll tell you what he lost. He lost a Teddy Roosevelt-type of defining moment where he could demonstrate that the rhetoric fanned on the campaign trail was more than just a lot of hot air. He could have shown that the direction he was taking the country was truly a game-changing one. He could have shown that he truly was the first post-partisan leader willing to sit down and work through the core issues of problems, get to the heart of them, and devise plans and programs that both sides of the aisle would be willing to accept, or both would grudgingly acknowledge as a Solomon-esque decision of wisdom.

Instead, what we saw confirmed our worst fears. Obama came across as weak, professorial, distant, pandering to his own party, unable to stand up and present a “third way” that would have endeared independents and a large portion of the American electorate to him. Instead of taking the lead and modeling a collaborative process with key Dem and Rep leaders, identifying the core areas of development and stimulation, and forming the parameters and direction of debate and development, he simply handed the keys to the cookie jar to Nancy “I’ve run out of stupid things to call her” Pelosi and her radical minions hell bent on making this country the North American equivalent of France or Sweden. She is nothing more than a hack, and Obama has done himself a disservice by aligning himself with her. If he had campaigned with her as his running mate last fall instead of Biden, he would have lost. Guaranteed. That’s how much of a negative image she has. And it will only get worse as time and her tenure drag on, like a horror movie antagonist who’s only been shot 15 times and needs another 10 bullets in him to truly kill the beast.

His numbers on both the stimulus and his overall approval are tanking (no, not like Bush at all, but then compared to the heavenly levels of joy just a few weeks ago, they are in the toilet), and his transition has been nothing short of laughable. Many people are waking up to our four year marriage, and my guess is that there is a portion of the American people out there who are already suffering buyer’s remorse over their short exposure to him.

So no matter what the final bill may be, the Oba-wan lost the greater issue, that being a defining moment to make himself appear truly independent, and crush once and for all and alienate the Republican party into political oblivion. Instead, they are galvanized and moralized and sensing that the juggernaut who sits in the White House is not as much a third-way figure as he is a 2-dimensional figurehead who simply talks great but fails to put meat on the bones of true change.