The Obama team has been in contact with Iran and Syria SINCE BEFORE HE WON THE ELECTION!

US President Barack Obama has already used experts within the last few months to hold high-level but discreet talks with both Iran and Syria. . . .

The Syrian president himself revealed on Monday that “dialogue started some weeks ago in a serious manner through personalities who are close to the administration and who were dispatched by the administration” (emphasis added).

These conversations certainly were a bit presumptuous. Apparently Obama seemed knew something about the outcome of the election before the outcome was actually decided. Maybe that’s why ACORN is still receiving a $5.2 billion payoff (or “stimulus”).

Since the Obama administration had no issue working in secret with two of the most evil, powerful, and downright frightening states, even before he was elected President, now that he actually has the power of the Presidency . . . is, well, unsettling to say the least.

What else has the Obama team been doing without America knowing?

So much for transparency.