We are being taken for a ride by the President. When will Americans actually get beyond feeling so good about themselves for electing the first Black man and start thinking again?

The graphic to the left from the Heritage Foundation sums it up nicely.

Let’s stop fooling ourselves. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has nothing to do with stimulus. In reality it is a typical liberal spending package. However, Obama knows “stimulus” is a key word. It probably polls quite well as something must Americans think we need. Who doesn’t want “stimulus”? I do. My guess is that you do too. But, this is not “stimulus”. Obama is lying to us in his oh so gracious oratory ways. This bill is about increasing government programs. Increasing government programs creates an increased reliance on the government. Increased reliance on the government gives the government more power, which is what the liberal Democrats now led by Barack Obama crave more than anything and do not want to relinquish again. This is about politics, not right or wrong, not the best interest of America. If this actually were “economic stimulus”, we would be having a different conversation.

Unless you believe that by “immediately needed economic stimulus”, immediate means over the next 10 years (see the Congressional Budget Office Report). The idea behind “economic stimulus” is to quickly jolt the economy back into motion. However, less than half of the $825 billion is scheduled to be spent within the first two years (CBO)! Translated: this is not stimulus, this is a typical liberal spending program, inching us even closer to Socialism. This bill is designed to pay off liberal causes and programs that fund liberal political campaigns.

Obama, if you really want this to be a Socialist state, don’t lie and hide behind the term “stimulus”. Tell the truth. That would be “transparency” in government.

On a brighter note, Sarah’s PAC was launched today.