The Obama Pilgrimage


Filed Under General on Jan 24 

When did the Presidential inauguration become Super Bowl Sunday and a four day pep-rally?

The Concert

Jamie Foxx telling “Chi-town, stand up. Chi-town, stand up. Chi-town, stand up. 312” was quite dignified behavior for a Presidential event, I guess.

The Event

I set out like millions of others to begin the pilgrimage to the Wailing Mall of Washington, D.C. to witness the Messiah, the Jewel of the Isle, accept his coronation as the savior of “Hope” and “Change. Upon my arrival at George Bush Intercontinental Airport I was pre-boarded onto a plane that was being shared by the airport’s namesake, George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara. As I walked by the former President and his wife I gave them a brief smile and flashed my “W” fingers to them with pride.

I have no way of describing the scene of a town filled with such Obama-mania except to say that not since the Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana has such excitement been witnessed by so many. Rhinestone jackets of Barack and Michelle with the words “First Couple” across the front and shirts and hats that read “Legacy of Hope” for a man that had not yet accepted the oath of office was a bit humorous.

Making it to the Wailing Mall took a 4:00am wake-up call, forty-five minute bus ride, and a two mile hike in 18 degree temperatures. Upon our arrival we seized our fertile ground of encampment where people huddled in mass for over five hours in anticipation to voluntarily kneel before Zod.

As could be predicted by a crowd of liberals, the classless masses took every opportunity to boo any Republican that was participating in the official event, at least the ones they were smart enough to identify. It was nice to see such dignitaries as P-Diddy, Jay Z, and Beyonce make their through the stands of the ticketed participants to loud applauses by their adoring fans. Funny how the crowd of intellectual giants and political scholars knew who they were but displayed minimal knowledge of Newt Gingrich, Thomas Foley, Dan Quayle and many others of significance.

Overall, I found the inauguration events to be completely ridiculous and over the top.