Pre-inaugural review


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Over the past few weeks professional responsibilities have required me to crisscross the nation, spending just long enough in a given locale that my body clock adjusts to the time change a few minutes before boarding my home bound flight.

Yes, I do have a tour t-shirt. No, I am not a rock star, though any of you who imagined me as such may continue to do so. But I digress

My travels have allowed me to observe the nation as it prepares to inaugurate her 44th president. I find it interesting that every Wal-Mart I’ve entered has an entire section devoted to Obama celebration where everything from window flags declaring January 20th as “America’s Defining Moment” to “first family” collector’s plates are for sale. For some strange reason, my graphic submission was not accepted for mass production.


It is a testament to capitalistic greed that Wal-Mart sees fit to sell such merchandise in its stores. If the democrat party had its druthers, Wal-Mart’s very existence would be illegal and patronizing the store would be a crime just short of felonious. Obama’s hometown of Chicago passed an ordinance effectively banning Wal-Mart within its city limits. Wal-Mart’s answer was to build a huge store just outside said city limits thus serving Chicagoans and depriving the city of sales tax revenue at the same time. But again, I digress.

Thus far, Obama’s executive actions have been limited to announcing cabinet designees and making amorphous pronouncements which vaguely resemble campaign promises. Most notable among these declarations is his promise to close the terrorist prison at Gitmo. You’ll notice this promise is hedged by a qualifier that closing said facility could take “up to a year”. For those of you unfamiliar with the bueracratic doublespeak language unique to Washington, let me translate for you: “Up to a year” means “as long as the MSM gives us cover”. In other words, look for Gitmo to remain open for the foreseeable future, or at least until the 2012 race really heats up.

As an aside, I noted Keegan’s ecstasy in this announcement. Seeing that the Gitmo guests have a very high rate of recidivism, I move that they be moved to a facility where Keegan can keep a close eye on their progress.

As far as the appointments go, let’s review the highlights.

Thus far we have Attorney General-designate Eric Holder. In a past life he found fugitive felonious financial mogul Mark Rich (who has renounced his US citizenship) worthy of a presidential pardon – provided the requisite mega-dollar donations were made to the DNC and Clinton Presidential Library. Oh, and let’s not forget the pardon recommendation he made for domestic terrorists. Rational people can, of course, disagree on the definition of “reasonable”.

Next to get the corner office at Foggy Bottom and fresh from her adoring photo-op which also doubled as a confirmation hearing is Hillary Clinton. Hopefully she’ll manage to avoid the virtual sniper fire on her overseas trips.

I’d take a shot at New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s seven minute tenure as Commerce Secretary-designate but that would take too long. I guess pay-to-play only works in Chicago.

Speaking of Chicago, I wonder how many current White House staffers are sucking down Tums waiting for the Blago wiretap transcripts to be released. Given Blago’s defiant salvos, its pretty obvious he won’t go quietly and will take as many people down with him as he possibly can.

Then, of course, we have Obama’s nominee to head the CIA. Leon Panetta has a long record of public service as a Congressman and White House Chief of Staff, among other things. How this qualifies him to be America’s spymaster is beyond me. Should the CIA have doubts about their new boss, they could always take the road signs down. Then it would take awhile for Panetta to find his way to CIA Headquarters as the actual location is classified.

And finally (for this post anyway) we have Treasury Secretary-designate Timothy Geithner. Seems the man Obama tapped to shepherd the nation’s economy through this boulder field couldn’t figure out how to pay his self-employment taxes while working for the IMF. Obama has brushed this off as a “innocent” mistake Geithner made from 2001-2004. Turns out he shorted the very agency he wants to now lead to the tune of 34 large.

I myself have been self-employed in times past. For some reason I managed to pay my self-employment taxes on time. Perhaps I should forward my two word solution to Mr. Geithner so he can put it to use. Memo to Tim Geithner: Turbo Tax. End memo.

See how simple life can be?

Obama’s reaction to those who dared criticize his SECTREAS nominee was very telling. Opined Obama:

Is this an embarrassment for him, yes, he said so himself.

Uh, no, Mr. Obama, this is an embarrassment for you. It’s called Vetting 101. Enjoy your innaguration. I’ll be downstairs in my home theater watching movies featuring John Wayne and maybe some with Bruce Willis. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a few episodes of 24 to catch up on as well.