Thinking about the upcoming transition of power I was reminded of a great scene in the HBO miniseries, John Adams. President Adams, having just given his acceptance speech before congress, is approached in congratulations by President Washington. In the scene, as told in a letter that Adams had written to Abigail, President Adams quotes President Washington.

“Ay! I am fairly out, and you fairly in. See which of us will be the happiest.”

I can only imagine as our nation prepares for another peaceful transition of power, those same words may be in the back of President Bush’s mind as he steps away from power to return to life as a civilian. I wish him well.

While visiting The White House this past week President elect Obama eloquently spoke of the “pressures and possibilities” of the office. Being the 43rd man to hold this position, Grover Cleveland held it twice as the 22nd and 24th, President Obama should be treated with the respect the office deserves, regardless of his policies or political ideology. I wish him well.

Please take a few minutes to view this great scene. I look forward to reading your reflections.

John Adams Oath