Less than a week from Obama’s inauguration and we have yet another scandal in the soon-to-be Obama Administration, this would make three for those of you who are counting. Yes, yes, I know… you liberals out there are going to say that none of his people were convicted, but let’s recap anyway.

First, we have the auctioning of Obama’s Senate Seat. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Rahm Emanuel was captured on, count them, twenty-one different phone conversations by the feds discussing the future of Obama’s seat with Blago and his staff. Hmmm… smells a little fishy.

Second, we have Bill Richardson and his campaign finance debacle. Richardson is facing a federal grand jury investigation into whether he exchanged government contracts for contributions to his three political committees. At least Richardson withdrew his nomination…. sorry New Mexico, you’re stuck with him for the time being. I guess he spent the last year sucking up to Hillary and Obama for nothing.

Most recently, Timothy Geithner, nominee for Treasury Secretary and currently the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, didn’t pay Social Security and Medicare taxes while working at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) between 2001 and 2004. The IMF and World Bank (WB) pays US income taxes for it’s employees, but the employees are required to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes. Geithner claims he “forgot” for four years. Wow… the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and soon to be Treasury Secretary can’t remember to pay his taxes like every other American citizen? Someone needs to get this guy a day planner and circle April 15th in red.

The IRS audited him in 2006 and determined that he owed $17,230 in back taxes and interest. I guess Geithner “forgot” to pay them too because they weren’t paid until November 21, 2008. Coincidentally, that was the same day that the Washington Post reported that Obama would tap him for the Treasury. To his credit, he did add a little under $9,000 to compensate for the additional interest. Also, he recently amended tax returns to pay additional taxes and interest for several infractions, including early withdrawal from a retirement fund and charitable deductions for ineligible items.

Instead of holding Geithner’s confirmation hearing today, it was postponed and he had a closed-door meeting with the Senate Finance Committee. Several Senators (i.e. Democrats) said his tax issues are serious, but they will continue to support him. We’re in the beginning of what history may show as the biggest financial crisis we’ve ever seen and they want to confirm a guy to control our country’s money that A. can’t remember that we pay taxes in America or B. lacks moral character and integrity to pay the government a piece of his pie like every other hard working American? I guess he and Obama must not agree on Obama’s tax plan since he would be in that $250K bracket that Obama wants to tax and he clearly doesn’t want to pay.

Buckle up kiddies and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times… the road is going to be pretty bumpy over the next four years if these are the type of people Obama chooses to help him run our country.