Dear President Bush


Filed Under General on Jan 14 

Dear President Bush,

When you took office eight years ago, you vowed to be “a uniter, not a divider”. You certainly accomplished that. Millions of Muslims all over the world have united against us. I don’t know what you plan on saying Thursday night when you address the nation. I don’t imagine you’ll apologize to the families of the more than four thousand service men and women who have died in the two unfinished wars you are leaving behind or for the over 100,000 Iraqis who have died in our quest to force democracy on them. Democracy is a wonderful thing, but is it right for everyone? You admitted that you are sorry we didn’t find weapons of mass destruction after we invaded Iraq. That’s comparable to a doctor removing my spleen, colon and kidney and then telling me, “Oops. Sorry we didn’t find the cancer we thought was there. Damn, I should have looked at the x-rays.”

Do I feel safer since 9/11? No. If you mean, are there suicide bombings in my Ohio city or IEDs on the street where I live, then yes I feel relatively safe. But is my future quality of life safe? We have lost over a third of our savings. The value of our home is creeping closer and closer to the balance of our mortgage. Retirement gets further and further down the road. I can’t see Russia from my house, Governor Palin, just foreclosure signs on the lawns of some of the hundreds of people who just lost their jobs when GM closed their plant here. That’s why it’s difficult to feel safe right now. It’s the enemy within that concerns me.

Some of my Republican friends are already sniping at your successor. Give him a chance, right? What must it be like to walk into the Oval Office for the first time knowing what hard decisions lie ahead? What is it like to stand there in front of the capital, raise your hand and swear to uphold and protect our Constitution? Oh, wait a minute. You forgot about that part.

All the best in your retirement. Put on a floppy straw hat, a Hawaiian shirt, sit on the front porch and write your book. I know a good writer, Jason Wright, who will be happy to help you write it…and he promises to use small words.