Hat tip to my brother for sending along this “alert” from Fairfax County, VA. If this doesn’t get you all giddy to attend the festivities, your fun-o-meter must be broken, right?

Honestly, there is no amount of money you could pay me to drag my family down to this mess. Which got me to thinking, what would I rather do?

Spend an hour in the dentist’s chair?
Watch an episode of The Hills?
Have my chest waxed with wax once used on Governor Tim Kaine’s eyebrows?

How about you?

Inauguration Information

Are you planning on attending the Presidential Inauguration on Jan. 20? The answers to several questions might be helpful in deciding whether to attend inauguration activities:

Do you have the physical stamina to stand outside, “shoulder to shoulder,” in large crowds for four, five or six hours or more and
then spend additional hours getting back home?

Are you comfortable in extremely large crowds?

Can you walk long distances to get to your destination?

Are you prepared for the extremely long delays getting to and from events?

Can you care for and control small children in large crowds and tight spaces for long hours, if you plan to bring them?